10 Reasons You Should End Your Relationship

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We always dream of a relationship for life, but sometimes it can be very difficult for various reasons and we just can’t avoid the breakdown of a relationship.

The end a relationship does not mean wanting to hate her or mutual bad feelings in fact, many times it can be beneficial to both parties for your own sanity.

Each person can decide to finish with his or her partner for various reasons, but here we show you some reasons why you should leave a significant other. Have any of you left a relationship for any of these reasons?

Reasons Why We Leave a Relationship:
1. You Are Bored

 The excitement of a new relationship with time disappears no matter who you are, boredom is a sure sign that a relationship breakdown is imminent, especially if you or your significant other are putting a lot of time and effort into the relationship trying to make it work.


2. Your Friends and Family Don’t Approve of The Relationship

Friends and family should not be the ones who make decisions in your life, however, If friends and family are constantly nagging you and telling you that the relationship is bad for you 90% of the time it is, it could be a big red flag indicating that it is not the right person for you. Proceed cautiously 


3. They Have Major Economic Problems

The problems of money, especially during intercourse, are a common challenge faced by couples. However, if they are not supported financially that is, if one of you is a compulsive spender, and the other is determined to build a home, never reach an agreement, and this could lead to the end of the relationship.


4. Everything They Do Irritates You

There are always things that bother us about each other, but if a series of small things are driving you up the wall you need to pay attention! Especially if everything was fine before and now you find every little thing that they do obnoxious. Imagine having to live with that! Eeek!


5. Your sex life is almost non-existent

When you met for the first time, you couldn’t stay away from one another, but if the only physical interaction you have now is when you accidentally have a shoulder brush of contact, its time to analyze the situation. Sex is important people.


6. You Fight All The Time

Serious fighting is the number one signal that a break up  is not only good, but that it is also necessary. Constant fights tend to increase over time and lead the relationship down a dangerous path, especially if the fights start to get physical.


7. You Feel Suffocated

Each person in a relationship needs the space and freedom to pursue their own interests, and, if you don’t have them, it is time to change the situation.


8. You Cant Imagine A Future Together

The future may seem very far away, but if the dream of having a house and children for example, or any future you want does not seem probable or you just cant see yourself in it then its time to call it quits.


9. You Have Lied And Deceived 

No matter how many times you have apologized or whatever justification has been used, if your partner has lied or cheated in the past, he or she is likely to do it again. Tread carefully.


10. You Think You Can Do Better

Ultimately, know that it is time to break it off when a little voice inside your head you hear whispers: “You can do better.” Always trust your instincts! In the case of matters of the heart; rarely will you be wrong.



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